Blast your child off
to mathematical success

Boost their confidence with fun,
fast, stress-free learning

Receive a Beano subscription to supercharge reading skills
+ chance to win £200

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What is Fables World?

Characters not Numbers
Research demonstrates recalling funny characters and stories is more accessible than numbers.
Our revolutionary technique results in exceptionally high retention levels and boosts confidence within days. Works for all curricula.


Your children will earn cash, teddies and other prizes the more they practise.

and Guardians

Watch your child's confidence soar. Keep track of their progress through regular email updates.

Immersive Themes

Using an exciting space theme, each mathematical topic exists in a separate world to keep children entertained and engaged.

and Customisable

Children are able to choose their own appearance and see where they stand in the leaderboard.

Discover the learning worlds:


Simply Maths

Funny cartoons that effortlessly show children how to add & subtract. Inbuilt programs to guide them step by step through the technique so they win awards.

Clever Clocks

Who knew talking Poos & Toilets can painlessly show your child how to learn to tell the time? Inbuilt challenges guide your child seamlessly through the Clever Clocks technique, plus they win prizes.

Table Fables

Watch funny cartoons and learn multiplication recall without the struggle (works for adults as well!) No more embarrassment at school.
Easy, fun, engaging quests to focus your child. Cash rewards and other prizes ensure they complete the task.

Farting Fractions

No more confusion about which rule works for which fraction. Our farting Grandpa explains all while making your child laugh. Challenges and prizes motivate children to keep learning, so you can put your feet up.

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